Top 2 NiSi Lenses

#1 - NiSi 9mm f/2.8


The Nisi 9mm f/2.8 is a great manual focus lens for Sony and Fuji APS-C cameras. It has a wide angle, offers good image quality, and nice build quality.


  • Good image quality
  • Nice build quality
  • Wide angle
  • Decent low light performance


  • Vignetting
  • Manual focus only
  • No image stabilization or electronic contacts

#2 - NiSi 15mm f/4 Asph


The NiSi 15mm f/4 Asph is a decent ultra-wide angle lens for the price. It is solidly built and has a 72mm filter thread, making it suitable for landscape photography. The lens is sharp in the middle but has soft corners, and it has moderate issues with vignetting and distortion. However, it has a neat bonus feature of focusing down to 20 centimeters for close-up images. It also has a nice, smooth bokeh and produces beautiful sun stars.


  • Solid build quality
  • 72mm filter thread for landscape photography
  • Neat bonus feature of focusing down to 20cm for close-up images
  • Nice, smooth bokeh and beautiful sun stars


  • Soft corners
  • Moderate issues with vignetting and distortion
  • Lacks obvious weather sealing