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Sony a6700 Review


The Sony a6700 is a highly advanced and effective APS-C camera that offers great improvements in image quality and handling. The camera has impressive autofocus capabilities and offers a range of video shooting options. Overall, it is an excellent choice in the APS-C camera market.

The Sony a6700 is by far the most advanced APS-C camera on the market, offering advanced features, impressive image quality, and a range of video shooting options. It's a significant improvement over its predecessors.

  • Advanced autofocus system
  • Impressive image quality
  • Improved handling and controls
  • Range of video shooting options
  • Display resolution could be improved
  • Video recording may have overheating issues at high frame rates
  • Electronic viewfinder could be better

The handling and controls of the Sony a6700 are a substantial upgrade, with improved autofocus capabilities and better video shooting options. It's a highly effective camera for both photography and videography.

The Sony a6700 is a standout APS-C camera that offers substantial improvements over its predecessors. The 26 megapixel APS-C sensor delivers exceptional image quality and impressive video capabilities. The camera also excels in handling, with new features such as a larger grip, front control dial, and improved autofocus system. The real-time tracking autofocus is highly advanced and effective, making it one of the most advanced bodies in the APS-C market. In terms of video, the a6700 offers a range of options including 4K up to 60p and a 4K 120p mode. The camera also features impressive overheating management and recording capabilities, making it a strong choice for videographers.

While the a6700 has some areas for improvement such as display resolution and potential overheating issues in high frame rate video recording, it still stands out as an excellent choice in the APS-C market.


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