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Leica Q3 Review


The Leica Q3 is a highly impressive camera with a 60 megapixel sensor, fast phase detect autofocus, and amazing video capabilities. It retains the beloved features of the Q2 and introduces significant upgrades.

The Leica Q3 is an impressive camera with exceptional 60 megapixel sensor and fast phase detect autofocus. It retains the beloved features of the Q2 while introducing significant upgrades and remarkable video capabilities.

  • Impressive 60 megapixel sensor
  • Fast and effective phase detect autofocus
  • High-quality 28mm F1.7 lens
  • Outstanding video capabilities
  • Potential issue with EVF resolution drop during autofocus
  • Limited burst rates in certain modes
  • Lack of microphone jack for video recording

I'm excited to get my hands on a production unit of the Leica Q3 to fully test out its capabilities, but the improvements over the Q2 are promising.

The Leica Q3 boasts a 60 megapixel sensor, delivering exceptional image quality. It features a 28mm F1.7 lens that is a perfect fit for street photography, coupled with smooth manual focusing. The EVF and back panel display have both received significant upgrades, providing clear and detailed visuals. The camera now includes phase detect autofocus, which appears to be effective for both people and animals. Additionally, the video capabilities of the Q3 are impressive, offering 8K and ProRes recording. The camera retains the excellent features of the Q2, including customizable buttons, weather sealing, and a comfortable grip.

The 28mm F1.7 lens on the Leica Q3 is a perfect fit for street photography, providing excellent image quality and smooth manual focusing.


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