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Venus Optics 'Laowa' 15mm f/4 Macro Review


The Venus Optics 'Laowa' 15mm f/4 Macro is a unique, creative, and rewarding lens to use. It is perfect for close-up shots and offers a surprising and unusual shift mechanism. The build quality is solid, the images are sharp, and it is enjoyable to use.

The Venus Optics 'Laowa' 15mm f/4 Macro is a unique and rewarding lens. It offers creative challenges and is perfect for close-up shots. The shift mechanism is surprising and unusual, making it enjoyable to use. It is a great lens for macro photography enthusiasts.

  • Sharp images
  • Unique shift mechanism
  • Solid build quality
  • Some distortion and vignetting
  • Flare against bright light

The lens provides extremely sharp images with good color. The build quality is solid, with a reliable warranty from Laowa. It is a great option for photographers.

The Venus Optics 'Laowa' 15mm f/4 Macro is a unique and rewarding lens that provides creative challenges. It is designed for full-frame or APS-C cameras and is the widest angle macro lens ever made. The lens can focus extremely closely up to the front glass element, making it perfect for close-up shots. It also features a surprising and unusual shift mechanism that can correct verticals in your pictures, providing a unique perspective. The build quality of the lens is solid, with a metal body, smooth focus and aperture rings, and 14 aperture blades. The lens produces extremely sharp images with very good color. It also comes with a hood and a three-year warranty from Laowa, making it a reliable option for photographers.On a full-frame camera, the lens performs extremely well, providing sharp images with good corner performance. The shift mechanism, although not its main design, offers usable results with good sharpness when stopped down. The lens also performs well on APS-C cameras, providing good sharpness and image quality. However, there are some issues with distortion and vignetting, but these are forgivable when considering the lens' overall performance. When shooting against bright light, some flare may occur, but it is manageable with the lens hood.Overall, the Venus Optics 'Laowa' 15mm f/4 Macro is a great lens for macro photography enthusiasts looking for a unique and challenging experience. It offers solid build quality, sharp image quality, and an enjoyable user experience with its shift mechanism.

The lens is rewarding to use and offers a unique and challenging experience for macro photography enthusiasts. It produces sharp images, and the shift mechanism is enjoyable to use.


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