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Roborock Q7 MAX+ Review


The Roborock Q7 Max Plus is a highly efficient and feature-rich robot vacuum that performs exceptionally well in navigation and battery efficiency tests. It also comes with an electronic mopping feature, making it a great choice for hard floors.

The Q7 Max Plus is a great choice if you have almost all hard floors because then you could vacuum and mop in one run instead of having to switch mop pads for carpets.

  • Efficient navigation system
  • Excellent battery efficiency
  • Electronic mopping feature
  • Great performance on hard floors
  • High price
  • Average scores in suction and pickup tests

The Q7 Max Plus destroyed the Roomba S9 Plus in almost every category in head-to-head tests.

The Roborock Q7 Max Plus has proven to be a top-tier robot vacuum with its exceptional performance in various tests. It delivers impressive results when it comes to picking up debris from hard floors and carpets, even outperforming some of the top-of-the-line models in the market. The electronic mopping feature, combined with its accurate lidar navigation system and an auto empty dust bin, makes it one of the most efficient and automated robot vacuums available. In navigation efficiency tests, the Q7 Max Plus outperformed many competitors, covering more area in less time. It also excelled in battery efficiency, indicating a longer runtime per charge. Despite its high price, the Q7 Max Plus offers great value for its performance and features, making it a solid choice for households with hard floors. With its outstanding performance in head-to-head tests against other leading robot vacuums, the Q7 Max Plus has proven its worth in terms of cleaning capabilities and overall efficiency.

The Q7 Max Plus offers exceptional navigation efficiency and battery performance.


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