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Hoover Powerdash FH50700 Review


The Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 is lightweight, easy to store, and cleans remarkably well. It's perfect for tackling tough pet stains without the need for scrubbing.

The Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 is a small, very inexpensive carpet cleaner for pet stains that eliminates scrubbing you find with spot cleaners.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Cleans remarkably well
  • Difficult cleanup
  • Small water tank
  • No attachments

The Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 is designed for people who mainly need a carpet cleaner for pet stains and don't require it for larger areas. This lightweight cleaner, at about 12 pounds or 17 pounds full of water, is easy to assemble and operate. It effectively removed tough stains like red clay, red wine, green juice, bacon grease, and sauce without pretreatment, making it a great option for pet owners. The small size of the water tank may be inconvenient for larger cleaning tasks, and the lack of attachments may limit its use for certain areas like stairs. Additionally, the difficult cleanup process and long drying time for heavily soiled areas can be a drawback, but overall, it's a great, inexpensive option for pet owners looking for a quick and efficient way to clean tough stains without heavy scrubbing.


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