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Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624 Review


The Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624 is an outstanding portable carpet cleaner that exceeded expectations in stain removal and ease of use. It comes with two brushes and has powerful airflow, making it the top choice among its competitors.

I was not expecting it to completely remove the stains, but it actually did.

  • Outstanding stain removal
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful airflow
  • Sturdy components
  • Design of the dirty water tank

The Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624 portable carpet cleaner exceeded expectations in stain removal and ease of use. The clean water tank is easy to fill, and the trigger on the handle sprays water precisely where needed. The wand and hose are well-designed, and the components are sturdy. It comes with two brushes, one for furniture or car upholstery and the other for carpets and rugs. The airflow is very powerful, even more so than its competitors. One minor downside is the design of the dirty water tank, which requires turning it multiple times to completely empty it. Overall, the Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624 is a top-tier portable carpet cleaner, standing out among its competitors in both performance and usability.


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