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Dell G3 3590 Review


The Dell G3 3590 received mixed reviews. It has powerful specs, good performance, and a nice design with blue accents. However, the build quality is lacking, the display is not very bright, and the battery life is below average.

The Dell G3 3590 is a decent laptop for the price, but it may make sense at lower price brackets or for the entry-level model with the GTX 1050 for those on a budget.

  • Powerful specs
  • Good performance
  • Nice design with blue accents
  • Lackluster build quality
  • Dim display
  • Below-average battery life

The Dell G3 3590 is Dell's entry-level gaming laptop that was refreshed in 2019. It has powerful specs, including an Intel i7 H CPU, NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI max Q, and 16GB of memory. The laptop has a nice design with blue accents and the build quality seemed okay, despite being mostly made of plastic. The 15.6 inch 1080p 60Hz screen has good color gamut, but it's not very bright compared to other machines. The battery life was below average, lasting only 3 hours and 25 minutes during video playback. The thermal performance of the laptop was decent, but it did run hot at times, especially during stress tests. The gaming performance was good, even with the GTX 1660 TI max Q variant, but the display could be brighter. The price point of the G3 puts it in a hard-to-recommend spot, as there are other better-performing options available for a similar price. However, it may make sense at lower price brackets or for the entry-level model with the GTX 1050 for those on a budget.


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